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Parole & Probation


JPay provides probation agencies, courts, and other community corrections entities with a no-cost, full-service web admin portal to increase collection rates and reduce operating costs. JPay's parole and probation platform creates efficiencies by integrating seamlessly with existing case management systems, generating detailed collection reports, and providing an intuitive user interface for agency staff.

How it Works

Offenders create a free account by registering with They must self-identify by searching and selecting their name and identifying number (inmate ID, case number, or other alphanumeric combination). Once they have registered, they can make payments using a credit or debit card through our secure system. Payments are processed immediately, and transferred to the agency by the next morning. A receipt is generated for each payment, so the offender has a record of each transaction. Offenders can pay multiple kinds of fees through, and set up recurring payments so they never miss a deadline.

Agencies receive payments made through JPay quickly and securely, and often at higher collection rates than previously experienced. JPay's system integrates with existing case management systems, and feeds detailed reporting data directly to the agency. The result is a diminishing workload for agency staff, lower administrative costs, and better, more consistent collection rates.

Types of Payments

JPay accepts a wide variety of community correction payments, including restitution, court costs, supervision fees, electronic monitoring fees, self-report fees, curfew monitoring fees, drug test fees, and more. A flat fee is assessed to the offender at the time he or she makes a payment, enabling JPay to offer its community correction payment services to agencies free of charge.

Payment Channels

With JPay, probation agencies and courts have access to the same payment channels available to agencies and DOC accepting electronic fund transfers, including ACE Cash Express locations, online at, JPay lobby kiosks, the JPay mobile apps for iPhone and Android, and the JPay Money Order Lockbox. This wide range of payment options is unparalleled in the corrections industry, and helps boost collections rates for agencies nationwide.