JP3 Music Player

JP3 Music Player


JP3 Music PlayerThe music and media platform offered by JPay™ is the largest, most comprehensive, and most scalable in the corrections industry. A library of more than 10 million songs is available to inmates through the JPay kiosks, and the DOC-approved JP3™ Media Player can be purchased both by inmates and by friends and family at

The JP3™ program is incredibly popular among inmates, which maximizes adoption rate for this service. JPay is continually improving its music and media offerings to maintain its position as the leader in inmate media services. The value of providing personal music to inmates with the JP3™ program – at no cost to the facility or DOC – is demonstrated by the increase in security brought about by a uniform media product, as well as by the easing of prisoner movements throughout the facility.

How it works

Inmates first purchase the JP3™ Player, a corrections-grade MP3 media player, or have one purchased for them by a friend or family member through While any inmate can browse the music store and preview songs (a feature that encourages adoption), those who are already in possession of a JP3™ player can purchase music directly from the JPay kiosk located in their housing unit. Purchases can be made with funds from the inmate's commissary or spendable account, or with JPay credits (a special, dedicated account specifically for music tracks, stamps and other JPay products). Once a song or songs are purchased, and once the purchase is approved, the tracks are downloaded to the inmate's JP3™ player, and can be listened to in their individual units or wherever else in the facility the JP3™ player is allowed to be used.

The Library

JPay Inmate Kiosk MusicJPay's music store features 10.5 million titles from every major record label, and allows inmates to search music by genre, popularity, artist and new releases. One popular feature is a feed of the DOC's top sellers which will always display the top purchased songs at each DOC. The live catalog of available music is updated daily from the record label, and those updates are driven to the JPay kiosks in real time. This means that JPay's music system is consistently the most up-to-date, and consistently features the widest selection of tracks.

Control Details

Each agency or DOC is able to modify the availability of different genres/songs from the music catalog, limiting or eliminating access, for instance, to music with explicit lyrics or parental advisories. DOC users have access to this control feature through the Facility System, JPay's back-end agency dashboard. Inmates never have access to the internet or to the local download manager through the kiosk.

Each JP3™ player is registered to a specific inmate name and ID number, and JPay shares this information with the DOC at the time of purchase. This provides for easy detection of player theft, since both JPay and facility staff have access to device monitoring. The device is programmed to only connect to the kiosk software and only to the account that matches the owner of the JP3™ player. If an unauthorized attempt is made, an error message is displayed and the connection will fail. When unauthorized use is attempted, such as an inmate trying to log into another inmate's kiosk account, a notification alert is also sent via email to appropriate DOC personnel.

The JP3™ Player

The JP3™ player lets inmates download thousands of music tracks directly from the JPay kiosk, and allows them to take that media to their units, eliminating the need for CD players, tapes or other non-conforming media devices. The player is custom-built for the correctional industry and, at $39.99, priced for affordability to inmates and their friends and family.

The JP3™ and all components are housed in clear casing and built with no moving parts. The device comes with ear bud stereo headphones with a 3.5mm connector, rechargeable battery and USB cable cord. JP3™ players have a 1.8" display and a built-in thin film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) color screen. The screen is durable and shatter resistant.