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Money Transfer


JPay is the national leader in corrections-related electronic funds transmittal. With six convenient, customer-focused payment channels and competitive money transfer rates, JPay maximizes access for the friends and family of inmates seeking to send money to their incarcerated loved ones.

For facilities and departments of correction, this approach results in one of the highest customer adoption rates in the industry. This in turn translates to greater efficiencies, cost reductions, and revenue generation opportunities for participating agencies.

JPay's Money Transfer product (branded "Send Money" on the consumer-facing side) is the cornerstone of the JPay suite of corrections services. Since 2002, the company has focused on developing the most robust, innovative, cost-free money transfer solutions in the industry — and has become the provider of choice as a result. is the premier online platform for inmate services, with a special focus on inmate money transfer. Designed with customer usability in mind and a streamlined user interface. the new makes it easier than ever for friends and family of inmates to send money, send emails, conduct video visitation, and buy JP3 devices.

With a focus on ease-of-use and intuitive functionality, facilitates increased interaction between customers and their incarcerated loved ones, without sacrificing any of the facility controls and intelligence capability JPay is known for among corrections industry professionals.


JPay has an exclusive partnership with MoneyGram Payment Systems, one of the largest money transfer services companies in the world. With over 30,000 agent locations nationwide, including walk-up facilities in all Walmarts in the United States, MoneyGram provides JPay's customers with the most convenient access to cash transfer transactions in the corrections industry.

Money Transfer companiesJPay is the only provider in the corrections industry that maintains an exclusive relationship with MoneyGram. This partnership allows customers to verify offender information instantly at any MoneyGram location, including MoneyGram centers at 7-11, CVS/pharmacy, Albertsons, Duane Reade, and ACE Cash Express — a service that customers value and that no other provider can deliver. By joining forces with the reputable global payment services company, JPay effectively expands its money transfer footprint, and opens new markets for its flagship service.

For consumers, the convenience of sending money with JPay and MoneyGram is enhanced by the inclusion of a list of JPay correctional agency "receive codes" preprinted on the back of each MoneyGram Express Payment form. These receive codes can be customized for each agency and type of payment.

Call center/IVR

The JPay call center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and helps customers without web access send money and make payments over the phone. Bilingual customer service professionals are available to accept Visa and MasterCard credit/debit card payments from customers — even on weekends and holidays — and JPay's updated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system provides constant, easy-to-navigate automated access to JPay's payment options.

Mobile Apps

JPay iPhone appWith a streamlined interface and the ability to send money in just three simple steps, the JPay mobile apps are the next evolution in inmate money transfer. Available in Apple's App Store and the Android Market, the apps are designed for use on the iPhone, iPad, and all Android devices. The free apps sync with a customer's existing JPay account through a secure login and provide a customer access to all of JPay's money transfer services right on their smartphones.

The apps are directed at the more than 200,000 JPay users who currently use their smartphone web browsers to execute money transfers, as well as the market segment that increasingly relies on their mobile device for the majority of their personal computing needs. As the only corrections industry provider with a mobile presence, JPay's apps expand the options available to JPay customers, extending the potential for wider adoption among prison populations.

Lobby Kiosk

While many of JPay's money transfer channels are established outside the facility, to promote ease-of-access for the friends and family of inmates, the full-service lobby kiosks allow agencies to collect cash and credit/debit card payments in the facilities themselves. Kiosks can also be placed in other physical locations an agency may determine as worthwhile, including government field offices. Kiosks are simple to use, and are installed, monitored, and maintained by JPay at no cost to the agency. JPay also provides courier service to collect cash from each kiosk.

Money Order Lockbox

JPay Money Transfer formThe automated money order lockbox is a fully outsourced money order processing solution offered by JPay to departments of correction and other correctional agencies free of charge. There is no cost to the agency or to the customer to send a payment to the lockbox. JPay collects and processes all money orders, cashier's checks, and governmental checks for inmate trust account payments and community corrections payments sent to the lockbox, helping agencies maintain control over the flow of payments and eliminating the bad debt associated with back-ordered checks and postal money orders. All payments are processed through the lockbox according to the agency's policies and procedures.