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Release Card


The JPay Release Card is a prepaid MasterCard given to an inmate upon release. To protect the privacy of recently released offenders, the name for this card is the "JPay Progress Card." All of the funds an inmate has in their commissary account at their time of release plus any gratuity or extra funds for transportation (where applicable) are included in the Progress Card. This card is accepted everywhere MasterCard is accepted worldwide.

How it Works

Money Transfer companiesThe JPay Progress Card is automatically activated for signature purchases at the time of release, which means the card can be used immediately if it is swiped and signed as a credit card purchase. To get cash access from any ATM in the US, released offenders must register at a dedicated, secure website to obtain a PIN number.

Offenders can use the card to purchase goods and services at more than 1 million retail locations, and can set up the card to receive direct deposits from family, friends and employers. They can also load funds onto the card in person at various retail locations and access account information over the phone or online at

Agency Details

The JPay Progress Card gives DOCs and agencies a viable, no-cost alternative to handing offenders a check or cash upon release. The release card eliminates check fraud, reduces the amount of cash individual facilities must keep on hand, and effectively outsources any post-release service issues from the agency to JPay.

As a natural extension of JPay's inmate banking services, the release card facilitates the transition to post-release life for the inmate, and provides a visible, demonstrable link between money transfer services used during incarceration and the traditional world of commerce on the outside. The Progress Card is a successful program the provides excellent value to both the agency and the post-release offender.